Everyone has that uncle they can rely on to do something in particular and do it well. Fortunately, I have four uncles. Well, five if you count my uncle John from Ohio. But we’re not sure he’s actually related to us so we ignore him.

Allow me to introduce my uncles.

Uncle Ben is the soft spoken and religious uncle. When we need someone to pray at our family gatherings, he’s the one we turn to. He’s actually a surgeon too. So our medical questions always seem to be directed his way. Even if they aren’t his specialty. He’s a…

Trump is Holding the Keys

I’m writing this on the night of the SC primary. Bush is out of the race. The conservative media is slobbering over Rubio. The liberal media loves Kasich (did I spell “Kasich” right?… meh, don’t care). Socialism is running rampant on the left (gift from heaven) and Clinton is still in the race. (For historians who are reading this, yes, some people of our time actually thought Hillary had a chance to be President. I know... please contain your laughter. Is she still in prison? Does Bill visit her much? Did he get remarried? So many questions...) …

We are living through the nascent rumblings of what is referred to as the “on demand” economy. Indeed, it’s setting our service based economy on fire. But until we rethink what it means to be employed in the information age, we’re going to stymie innovation and destroy opportunity.

The definition of “employment” is “the condition of having paid work.” No where in that definition does it mention being provided daycare, maternal/paternal leave, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, sick days, relocation assistance, car allowance, housing allowance, pensions, paid vacations, breast pump rooms, tuition assistance or even free breakfast. In fact…


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