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Dummies Guide to Trump

I’m writing this on the night of the SC primary. Bush is out of the race. The conservative media is slobbering over Rubio. The liberal media loves Kasich (did I spell “Kasich” right?… meh, don’t care). Socialism is running rampant on the left (gift from heaven) and Clinton is still in the race. (For historians who are reading this, yes, some people of our time actually thought Hillary had a chance to be President. I know... please contain your laughter. Is she still in prison? Does Bill visit her much? Did he get remarried? So many questions...) And of course, the guy who keeps barreling through the primaries, confounding every wide eyed, pie in the sky liberal and establishment Republican along the way… Donald Trump, is still winning and winning big.

“HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?,” you yell at the top of your crazed and indignant ALL CAP lungs.

(NOTE: Remember, I’m just explaining the “why” here. I didn’t invent this scenario. I’m just reporting it. So don’t shoot the messenger.)

Let’s start from the beginning. Back in July (2015), HuffPo announced they would cover Trump’s Presidential run in the entertainment section. (If you’ve read much of HuffPo, you could be excused for asking them to be more specific.) Then in December, they realized that their holier-than-thou condescension towards the politics of a large swath of the American public was probably… well…. asshole-ish. So they moved Trump coverage back to wherever they report on politics (the “We Hate Liberty” section or something.) But HuffPo’s partisan bias was emblematic of Trump’s rise. HuffPo (and other partisan media outlets… including Fox) could not have given Trump a bigger gift than to marginalize and talk down their nose to him or anyone that would DARE support a successful American businessman with an unapologetic love for his country who didn’t conform to the media elite or beltway crowd’s talking points. They didn’t realize it (because they live in an echo chamber where any opinion that isn’t theirs, gets scorned and derided) but they stirred up the emotions of many Americans. Americans with a pent up anger unparalleled in modern American history. Americans who feel abandoned after 7+years of relentless attacks on our liberties at the behest of an ever growing and out of control political class from both parties. Americans who are tired of seeing American exceptionalism relegated to the dustbin of history. You may not agree with the premise of that last sentence, but that doesn’t make it any less real for those Americans that believe it to be true and miss America’s justifiable greatness.

For those of you that suffer from political elitism (if you hate the very mention of Trump’s name but just said to yourself “that’s not me”… sorry, but that’s you) allow me to illustrate why Trump is gaining so much support from such a wide swath of the American electorate, in very simple terms that anyone can understand.

Imagine you’re a home builder and you build a house that is absolutely stunning. Exceptional, actually. Then you sell it to someone and as the years go by, you keep driving by the house to check on it. You are so proud that it’s stood the test of time. Indeed, other home owners in the neighborhood actually use the house you built as a model for their own homes. As the house gets older, it gets sold to another person and then another person and then another. And aside from minor cosmetic setbacks, the house continues to make you proud.

But then little things start happening.

Someone throws a rock at the window and shatters it. But the current owner can’t replace the window because their debt has gotten so high they can’t afford it. (Or they find broken windows to be a good detractor from their “privilege” at having such a nice house so they leave it alone.) Then someone paints graffiti all over the house. Owner after owner promises to “fix” it up but it just continues to look like hell. You keep driving by and you keep wondering what the hell is going on. Why aren’t they fixing it to bring it back to it’s original glory? With each successive owner, you’re just sure that they’re going to renovate it. But each year that goes by it gets worse and worse. How is this happening to your pride and joy? You continue to drive by the house and you continue to see more and more problems. You start getting disgusted at what you see. You lay awake at night, wondering how this happened. But you keep thinking… one more owner and it’ll be like new again. Just one more.

Finally, you see a “For Sale” sign in the window and you immediately buy back the house before another owner gets in there and maybe turns it into a crack house (that’s how bad it’s getting). The very next day, you drive up to the house with a huge bulldozer. You’re so angry at what you see, you decide to just bulldoze the whole thing down rather than try to continue to put lipstick on a pig. The look in your eyes is almost like a mad man. You’re in tears, sad and angry, looking at this once absolutely stunning house. Now it breaks your heart that it has to be torn down and rebuilt so that it can be the greatest house in the area again. You proceed to drive that bulldozer right through the front door. When you’re done, the only thing remaining, worth salvaging, is the amazing foundation. You feel good that you own the house once more and the foundation will give you a great base to rebuild the most amazing house that has ever been built.

Trump is getting so much support from so many people, across all demographics, despite all his flaws, despite imitating a handicapped guy, despite saying awful things about so many good (and awful) people, despite looking like he has an animal on his head, despite giving money to Democrats in the past, despite saying TWO Corinthians, despite attacking almost everyone that has crossed him, despite man-with-funny-hat calling him a heathen….despite, despite, despite…


It’s as simple as that. A vast and wildly diverse swath of Americans simply don’t want business as usual in Washington any more. We’re done with it.


All of the establishment candidates can take their talking points and carefully culled note cards and memorized quips and stick them straight where the sun never shines. Yes, Cruz is a whip smart, great conservative orator… yes, Rubio has a conservative streak somewhere… yes, Bush is a great guy and was one of the best Governor’s this nation has ever had… yes, Carson is a humble and outstanding guy… yes, Kasich.. um, well… is from Ohio.

But of that matters.

In this election cycle, it just doesn’t matter what those other candidates say or do. Their records of accomplishment are immaterial. Their conservative street cred is meaningless. Although I started out as a Cruz/Fiorina/Rubio (in that order) supporter, I am now officially a Trump supporter. And I hope to holy hell he can find allies in Congress to join him and collectively, they’re able to raze this absolutely hideous, graffiti covered house we’re living in now, to it’s foundation. It resembles NOTHING of what it once was and needs to be metaphorically torn down and built back up.

Let’s go ahead and use the cliche here, shall we? Because, well, it’s true. We need to “Make America Great Again!”

So next time you shake your head wondering how so many people can support the Donald, three ring circus, reality show extraordinaire… picture a bulldozer. Because whether you like it or not, to a very large portion of the electorate (and growing), all that matters is who is holding up keys to a bulldozer and promises to act like a man possessed when using it.

For better or worse… that man is Donald Trump.

P.S. Although Trump might engage rude comments, I won’t. So if you want to have a conversation, great. Be nice. If not, you’ll be talking to the wall. Cheers!

Entrepreneur, traveler and political junkie.

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