First, thanks for your measured response. In tone, I mean. It’s a rare kind of discourse now a days.

The references you cite to support your claims do not support them at all. They are only trumped up narratives, by the leftist media, to give the public the IMPRESSION that they are racist, sexist… or whatever “ist” they like to attribute to them.

Let’s take each one… first the “racist” thing. He didn’t claim that “all Mexicans” are rapist. He was referring to the fact (not supposition) that there are rapists and all manner of bad people coming over that border, unchecked. That is not racist in the slightest bit. It’s a simple fact. OF COURSE, most are not rapist and bad people. But we don’t know the numbers and so his point is, why leave the border unprotected?

The most famous “sexist” comment that the left LOVES to cite is the “pu55y” comment. He was referring to gold digging women that are so enamored with money and fame that they would even allow themselves to be grabbed by the pu55y, they’re so craven. He DID NOT say that’s what he does/did and he DID NOT say that he condoned it. But ask ANY college liberal about that comment and they’ll SWEAR that Trump was advocating for and or actually raped someone. (Not just college age liberals, actually.)

The “mockery” of the handicapped person was not intentional to the condition. He had used that hand gesture to convey stupidity in people’s words many times previous to that remark. Was it a piss poor choice to use in THAT speech? Yes, of course. But it wasn’t intended to imitate the person’s condition. (The Fox News page you linked to proved that point. So I’m not sure you even quoted that page.)

The “disrespectful” comment related to the gold star family was, just like many things surrounding this President, painful to watch. And a less petty person would not have gone there. But to frame the narrative as Trump being a bully is a bit overblown. The family was using their child’s death to score political blows against the President. What kind of parent does that? So sure, the President should have allowed his better angels to prevail in that fight (if he has any) but he didn’t. And in the grand scheme of things, since they brought the fight to politics, he had every right to defend himself in that arena. Do I wish he hadn’t? Sure.

Look, I get it. I really dislike this President’s public persona. I dislike his impetuous nature. I dislike his narcissism. I dislike SOOO many things about him. But what I dislike more is the left’s treatment of a sitting President and their inability to accept the fact that they lost and how ever little thing is overwrought, the narrative of which becomes automatically framed incorrectly or exaggerated. If the leftist media actually tried to be fair in their reporting about him, the ACTUAL negative things might get a bit more traction with his supporters, like me. But as it stands now, anything they report is automatically tuned out since it’s almost impossible to get an accurate report about this President from the mainstream media.

Other than some trade issues and his inability to reign in the left and right’s penchant for spending more money than we make, I have agreed with almost every policy decision he’s made. THAT is what keeps me in his camp. Policy. And judge appointments. If that means I have to wake up and read his petty tweets on a daily basis… so be it. But he has the best interest of the nation at heart and to the extent that he fights for this nation every day of his Presidency, especially the left’s incessant need to undermine our liberties, and he seems unwavering in that fight… he’s definitely MY President. Warts and all.

Thank you for your time and not calling me a Nazi.

Entrepreneur, traveler and political junkie.

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