• Joe Barton

    Joe Barton

  • Troy L Fullerton

    Troy L Fullerton

    Spanish teacher and translator in south-central Oklahoma; happily married; Apostolic Pentecostal; Ph.D. candidate; chairman of our county Republican party.

  • Wanderer Wannabe

    Wanderer Wannabe

    Writes about travel, history, conspiracy theories, and ghost stories. Can be found in http://wandererwannabe.com

  • Greg Bland

    Greg Bland

  • Katie Green

    Katie Green

  • Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Ecosystem early adapter, visionary, BigData 💚 Decentralized economy, CBDC

  • Beth Soto

    Beth Soto

  • Jack Luna

    Jack Luna

    I’m more than just a writer. Don’t bother looking for me on Twitter. This is my home at the moment.

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