More fantasy fiction from the left. It's great to soothe the Communist soul. But does little else.

Puerto Rico's governor just endorsed Trump. Hispanic polling shows support for Trump has risen by about 11% points since 2016 (bye bye Florida) and black support has risen since 2016, too. Turns out, minorities don't much care for cancel culture and defund the police messages as much as the woke white left thinks they do. So bye bye to Biden's chances at NC, SC & GA. Could he nab WI, MN and MI? Sure. But probably not. Will he get NV? Probably but maybe not. AZ isn't turning blue any time soon and TX is blue only in Dem wet dreams. So basically, Biden has very little chance of taking this contest. But I understand the need for hope.

So cheers to hope because that's about all you have.

Entrepreneur, traveler and political junkie.

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Entrepreneur, traveler and political junkie.

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